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Monday, 8 November 2010

Ko Samui Properties Newsletter - September 2010

When sending funds to Thailand I have always found it better to convert to Thai Baht here. For large sums of money it can make a big difference but even on relatively small sums every penny saved is worth it. Just recently I received a transfer for a rental payment. The Baht amount required was 72,000. The client had his bank in the UK convert to Baht and gave him a rate of 49.7916 which cost GBP 1,446.02. If he had transferred GBP the cost would have been GBP 1,419.98 as the rate here was 50.705 a saving of GBP 26.04. Now you say, how do I know how much to send? Every bank here has a web site and on that site it shows currency exchange rates. We use Bangkok Bank and you can find their currency rates at
Look at the Buying Rates TT Column and you will see the rate in real time for whichever currency you are sending. Obviously you need to allow for charges – inward transfers to Bangkok Bank are usually Baht 200 but can be higher for larger amounts – but you will get those anyway. Rates change from day to day and my experience is that transfers from the UK sent standard rate take 2-3 days although they will always quote 3-5 days. In the nine years I have been here and receiving client’s funds, I have never known anyone get a better rate offshore.

Everyone has different ideas about street food. Some love it some hate it. Many people regard it as unhygienic but I have to say in the ten years I have been in Thailand, so far (touch wood) I have never had a problem and have sampled the delights in Bangkok and many places in between and of course here in Samui. One place I call at regularly is in Hua Thanon, usually mid afternoon on my way back to the office following a site visit.

Every week day afternoon between 3pm and 6pm, Em sets up her stall and makes these delicious sweets. Made from a combination of rice flour and sugar, topped with coconut milk they are cooked fresh in a baking tray. Five for ten Baht served in a banana leaf basket, you must let them cool down a little before eating as they are really hot! You can find Em as you enter Hua Thanon from the direction of Nathon, on the left hand side. Look for the cardboard cut out boy with the red shirt!

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