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Monday, 8 November 2010

Ko Samui Properties Newsletter - October 2010

What is happening in the Koh Samui property market? Well it has been so quiet for such a long time that any movement almost seems like an earthquake. Sales are happening albeit at low levels and only in respect of properties the owners of which have accepted the market correction that has occurred over the last two years. There are clearly people out there who are trying to talk the market up which in the end only makes them look foolish and the last thing I want to do is give the impression that all is fine. There are still a tremendous number of properties, both new and re-sales, available and it is going to take some considerable time for then to sell. Nevertheless it is encouraging to see sales taking place.

The infrastructure of Koh Samui has lagged behind development and there are constant complaints about water shortages and erratic electricity supply. The difficulty the Municipality faces in both regards is a combination of lack of funds and time. Major infrastructure items are costly and expensive. They need time to plan and obtain funding. Driving round the island you can see the new lengths of black water pipes being laid which according to officials will alleviate the current unpredictable water supply. Also in an article below there is news of the long planned extension to the electrical distribution system which will bring a supply to a new sub-station in Meanam. We have already seen some road improvements and the road by Bandon Hospital is in the process of being widened and re-laid. Slowly, slowly the island is getting what is required – not fast enough for many, but at least it is happening.

Driving back from Tong Krut on a regular basis I pass “The Garden of the Fool” Puppet and Art Shop. The owner, Barrabas, has a large number of puppets available and it is worth a visit just to see the craftsmanship. “The Garden of the Fool” can be found by turning left after Hua Thanon (coming from Chaweng) onto the lower ring road (4170) and it is about one kilometer on the right hand side.

Last month I promoted the Samui International Jazz Music Festival. This has just finished as was a great success. Look out for more of the same next year!

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