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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Ko Samui Properties February Newsletter

After nine years on Koh Samui I thought I had seen all of the attractions on offer – although I must admit not to have availed myself of some of the newer tourist facilities such as cable rides, paint balling and ATV rides. I even managed over the years to avoid the Bungee Jump! However, during a drive round the island on New Years Day we stopped at Wat Samret which can be found just off the ring road as you leave Hua Thanon and before you get to the Law Courts. It is sign posted down a Soi to the left. Drive straight down the Soi and enter the Wat grounds and park. Walk through and you will see the Wat on the right and a school ahead. Between the Wat and the school is a building set back and you need to find someone to open it for you. Inside you will find at least eighty Buddha figures – well I counted that many but the “key-holder” told us there were many more small ones hidden amongst the ones in view. A little hidden gem off the usual tourist trail.

One of my sources of information for this Newsletter is a regular email I received from Horst Meier who follows all the changes to the administrative districts throughout Thailand. A recent email included some interesting facts which if, like me, you do not speak or read Thai explain a few place names. I have included the full text below.

Social Marketing is the buzz word to day and whether we like it or not you have to play along to stay in the game. To this end Ko Samui Properties can be found on Face Book at_ Twitter at . Sign up to receive up to the date news on the market in Koh Samui including all the price reductions!

Koh Samui is not alone in seeing significant reductions in residential prices as an article I reproduce below shows that Singapore has also seen price reductions of 26%.

And property prices here continue to fall! If you check our web site and look at the Hot Press Offers you will see a great number of properties with prices that have been reduced from between 17% and 37% with an average reduction this month of 28%. These reductions are now beginning to produce sales and, although still not many, there are a few more buyers around than there were a few weeks ago. NEW REDUCTIONS EVERY MONTH!
See in particular the following properties – CTRL + click to follow the link:

6 Bedroom Hillside Ocean View House in Namuang – Baht 23,000,000
Now available at - Baht 19 million

17 bungalow resort in North of Nathon - Baht 49 million
Now available at - Baht 39 million

6 Bedroom Villa with pool in Taling Nam - Baht 35 million
Now available at - Baht 22 million

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