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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Koh Samui, Songkran, Marina and Sports Stadium

The world economic situation continues to have its affect on real estate globally and unsurprisingly also here in Koh Samui. We continue to see price reductions of 25-30% many of which are due to the fall in the value of Sterling and owners can afford to reduce the Baht price correspondingly and still receive the same mount in Pounds they would have done a year ago. Nevertheless there are some owners who are prepared to go even further and have reduced their asking prices by up to 50% as you will see if you look at our Hot Press Offers here. Having said that the market is not totally dead as we have seen a couple of sales in the last month so there are buyers out there looking to take advantage of falling prices.

Songkran starts on 13th April so keep those plastic bags handy if you are going out to keep your phone, wallet etc. dry. Samui has a pretty good tradition of keeping it to three days at most. In some parts of Thailand it lasts for seven days! The main day will be Monday 13th April although anyone venturing out on the Sunday afternoon or evening may get the odd splash and it tends to fizzle out by midday on the Tuesday. The Government was considering banning the sale of alcohol during the Songkran Festival but common sense prevailed. The existing ban on alcohol sales before 11am and between 2pm and 5pm and after midnight is illogical enough in terms of restricting sales. The concentration over Songkran will be enforcement of the drink driving law so beware – there are likely to be more traffic checks wherever you are in Thailand.

I have reported in previous Newsletters on plans for a Marina adjacent to Big Buddha and BBC Café. The soil surveys have commenced and it is expected that the Marine Department will approve the Initial Environmental Examination Report for the Samui Marina by mid to end of March. The next stage is provincial committee approval. For more information on progress and pictures check this web site courtesy of Mark at BBC Café.

This has nothing to do with Samui but is interesting and worth passing on. We are all aware of the regular nonsense Health and Safety Executive directives that appear in the Press from time to time. Well the UK H&SE have now decided enough is enough and created their own web site to address the many issues of which they are accused. It makes interesting reading and you can see it here. .

It would appear that Koh Samui is to get a new Sports Stadium according to the following announcement – “ Welcome to the Home Page of the Samui Sports Stadium, opening soon on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. The Samui Sports Stadium features 3 large floodlit football (Futsal) pitches and a Multi-Purpose Hard Court for Basketball, Netball, Volleyball++ , a swimming pool and BBQ Area, a children's play area, state of the art facilities and a fully licensed restaurant and bar.” More details can be found on this web page -

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