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Monday, 4 February 2008

Latest News from Koh Samui

As reported last month in February we are supporting the Matt Hampson Trust. For those of us who have been involved in Rugby at various levels over the years and continue to support it even as spectators, this is a very worthwhile charity and any assistance or help will be much appreciated.
Tuesday 19th February 2008
A Golf Tournament in support of The Matt Hampson Trust will be held at The Santiburi Samui Country Club in Maenam.
Format: Texas Scramble
Fee: Baht 3,200 of which Baht 500 will be donated to the Trust.
If we can get 50 players that would be Baht 25,000 for the Trust.

Friday 22nd February 2008
“A Night at the Races” at The Pub, Fisherman’s Village Courtesy of Steve and Lek.
Come and place a bet on these DVD races with proceeds going to the Trust. .A fun night out for everyone with Steve’s special Beef Stew and Dumpliings, overlooking the beach in Bophut!

Saturday 23rd February 2008
Rugby at “Coco Blues” Chaweng Beach Road, Chaweng, Koh Samui.
22.00 – 24.00 Wales v Italy
24.00 – 02.00 Ireland v Scotland
03.00 – 05.00 France v England
Prior to watching the Six Nations games that night we will have the following fund raising events
Auction of
Signed boxing gloves from “The Celtic Warrior” Steve Collins
Signed boxing gloves from Enzo “Big Mac” Macarinelli
Signed Rugby Shirt from Leicester Tigers Rugby Club
Signed Rugby Shirt from the England Rugby Team
Signed Rugby Shirt from Ospreys Rugby Club
A boot from Martin Johnson which he wore in the 2003 Rugby World Cup.
E Mail bids being accepted now!! Contact me at
The Highlight will be the Sponsored “Head Shave” of prominent Koh Samui Developer Lawrence Fay the Managing Director of Sabai Properties. As of this announcement this event alone has attracted sponsorship of nearly Two Thousand Pounds!

Are we any forward following the General Election last December? Not a lot but moving slowly in the right direction. The challenges and disputes over candidates legitimacy, the legitimacy of the PPP itself and vote buying required hearings by the Supreme Court and a number of new elections where candidates had been “red carded”. A coalition has now been formed and Samak Sundaravej was elected as the new Prime Minister subject to Royal approval. The next step will be the formation of a Cabinet which should take place next week. The coalition government now has 316 seats in the 480-member House. That includes seats from the Chart Thai, Matchimathipataya, Puea Pandin, Ruam Jai Thai Chart Pattana and Pracharaj parties. So now we have to wait for them to get their feet under the table and see what ideas they are going to come up with which effect foreign residents in Thailand. Hopefully we will have a better idea by next month.

From a business perspective things seem somewhat brighter. There does appear to be a real belief that things will now start to get better and that 2008 will be a totally different year to 2007. We have seen an increase in enquiries since the beginning of the year and deal we have been working on for some time now are coming to fruition.

Here is a question for you. Try to answer this before you go and look at an Atlas or Google Earth. If you dug a hole from my office in Chaweng straight through the centre of the Earth – where would you come out and what would be the nearest major City? (With thanks to Dave Pritchard for this little gem. Answer at the end of this Newsletter and anyone who disputes this is welcome to start digging! If you are not on the Newsletter Mailing List, send me an email for the answer )

Some advance notice of a couple of Festivals coming up,
Chinese New Year will be celebrated from 7th to the 9th of February and the Songkran Water Festival will be between 13th and 15th April – although it tends to last a lot longer in some parts of Thailand. More news on that nearer the time.


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