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Monday, 2 April 2007

April and Songkran on Koh Samui

Songkran is upon us again and will be celebrated in Samui between 13th and 15th April. For a detailed guide to, and explanation about Songkran, the Tourist Authority of Thailand have a very good wed site at
In other parts of Thailand Songkran seems to last for days. At least here in Koh Samui it starts on the afternoon of the 12th when the kids will stand at the side of the road and throw and squirt water at passing cars and bikes. There is then one full day of mahem with processions through Chaweng and it is pretty well all over by midday on the 14th. However, for those few days make sure your telephone, wallet and cigarettes are wrapped in a plastic bag because you can be a target at any time. Be very careful if you are riding a bike as you will be a prime target and safety and consideration tend to go out of the window at this time. Watch out also for the pick-up trucks full of people with a large container in the back. These will get you too. Great fun for the kids but I think having done this too often before, I will be relaxing at home!

Mind you, water pistols may not be needed as after a fairly dry few weeks we have started to get showery weather again at the tail end of the NE Monsoon season. Nothing too drastic but useful to keep the water levels up although we really need a lot more. If you want to check the weather at any time go to and you will get a radar picture showing rain clouds. The Chumphon radar currently gives the best picture as the Surat Thani radar site is not working. We are just approaching the usual hottest months of the year and would expect the NE Monsoon to gradually give way to the SW Monsoon over this period.

British Summer Time (Day Light Saving Time) started on the 25th March so here in Koh Samui we are now only 6 hours ahead of the UK. This continues until Sunday 28th October. Day Light Saving started in the USA on 11th March and will finish on 4th November. Why do the Americans get a longer summer than the Brits?

Koh Samui has long been a stop off point for Formula One teams and the latest British success story Lee Hamilton is no exception as he made his way from Melbourne to the Kuala Lumpa Grand Prix by way of Bangkok and Koh Samui.

There is still debate over the future of the Foreign Business Act and how it will be drafted and applied with one or two more sensible words of wisdom floating about. However it is still too early to make any definitive comment until we know what the final version is. Two dates in December, 16th or 23rd, have been suggested for the General Election – but will that actually solve anything? Who knows!

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