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Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Buying a house on Koh Samui

I would estimate that the majority of sales we achieve are for properties different to that which the purchaser first told us they were looking for. It is a recurring theme that when you show them what they first described as being their ideal they say that is not what they are looking for. I believe this is for two main reasons.

Firstly, they do not really know what the want but have to say something to start the ball rolling and it is only when you sit in the car driving round and actually inspecting houses that their true hot and cold spots become apparent and eventually you can start to show them properties suitable for them.

Secondly, they know exactly what it is they want, but it is simply not available. Then they have a choice – compromise or build to suit. So in this instance they will buy a property which is not in their original brief or they will acquire land which also was not what they originally intended.

Either way I constantly tell my staff to look for the signs that indicate which type of client they are dealing with so that we do not waste their time and we identify quickly what they really will buy.


Ray said...

I came to Samui to buy a house 2 years ago, and I certainly changed my mind several times during the process. The thing with a home in Thailand is that there are no specific requirements. At home there are certain things which a house must have, but in such a different environement you have to see it to get the ideas. So many houses that you see on the web can be ruled out very quickly when you see them. Also other things come into play, like reputation of developer, reputation of builder, surrounding area, which you can not get any idea of until you are out there. I started with three prime choises, none of which I even went back to see a second time.I ended up building the house, to get just what I wanted.

Harry said...

Thank you for your comments Ray and you are correct. The information available on any web site is limited and it is not until you visit the island and drive round that you really get an idea of where you want to be and what is available. The market has changed considerably over the last five years. When we first came here there were few developers and the quality of resale homes left a great deal to be desired. As developments have proceeded and finished we are seeng a gradual emergence of a resale market in the modern houses built more recently, with of course modern facilities and better infrastructure. Not everyone wants to live on a development and quite a few have done what you have. On the other hand, anyone looking for a holiday home and an investment is probably best advised to buy on a managed development where everything is taken care of whilst they are away.