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Thursday, 23 November 2006

Koh Samui in November

The real estate scene is very quiet at the moment but we would expect that at this time of the year which is our low season. Another three weeks and we should see more activity as people return to the island for the Christmas and New Year holidays. No news as yet from the government in respect of the Foreign Business Act but I doubt we will hear about that until the New Year now.

Tourists are very thin on the ground at the moment and many hotels are running at very low occupancy. The weather is not too bad as this is our rainy season but we are not getting the continual rain that we had last year which caused so many flooding problems. The Municipality have been working hard to improve the drainage and certainly so far there has been a distinct improvement when it has rained. We are getting mostly the afternoon heavy tropical showers which last for about an hour and then pass through. You can be in Chaweng and get wet and Maenam or Big Buddha and stay dry and vice versa. Very localised at times.

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